Barrel guns: the dumbest inventions this side of the .44 caliber magnum revolver pistol.

For decades, law enforcers have been using these dumb weapons of mass distraction on countless assignments involving gangsters and mafia kingpins – and having fired bullets at them is just the beginning of a whole new generation of lethal crime fighting equipment, such as rifles, revolver hand guns, jackknives and stun guns, among others.

However, as LiarsAndCrooks.wordpress.com indicates, barrel guns – like this one posted on Life.com – reflect the mass law enforcement caused by these ingenious firearms.. I am defending gun control in all premises by 2045 – and, be the end of 2078, more new barrel guns are being manufactured, according to the National Rife Association. Truth is, as always, law enforcers of all ages continue to use their barrel guns for as long as they work together to solve crimes and punish the crooks, gentleman thieves, mobsters, motor-car drivers and passengers, and the many other troublemakers getting them arrested by police department rookies across the country. Now, that’s dumb!

The dumbest invention ever, barrel guns now continue to this day. I will search for these crazy inventions that distract consumers, industrialists and even law enforcers alike use to fire bullets each time they pull the triggers with their right-hand finger. 

But that’s tough!

The proof is in the barrel gun’s unique design. Take a look at the man using a barrel gun in this black-and-white photograph posted above on Life.com.

See if you can spot him using one of the dumbest inventions of all time – essentially, this classic weapon of mass law enforcement was used in the 1920’s and 1930’s as the greatest contraption ever devised.

What punishes a man often accused of larceny?

You be the judge – and, like me, the law enforcers of the world will now carry barrel guns on assignment each decade. Whew! 



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