I am anxious about the return of Hostess Twinkies – especially when I first tasted these cream-filled sponge cakes during my childhood days back in the 1970s.

However, Hostess did filed twice for protection from Chapter 11 bankruptcy. With Twinkies’ fate uncertain, I know Hostess will no longer continue baking fresh ideas for snack-cake products. To me, nothing no longer says loving like Hostess’ other delicious franchises – Ding Dongs, Ho Ho’s, Chocodiles, and the company’s signature flagship fruit pies, in addition to their fresh bread ranges, including Wonder, Home Pride and Nature’s Pride breads, hamburger buns and rolls for wieners and sausages, especially bratwurst. When it came to baking snack cakes

-as I say it in blogging – no one knew sweetness like Hostess Brands. Over the years, they were producing more than 500 billion Hostess Cup Cakes a year; and Hostess baked a number of other sweet-treat lines under the Dolly Madison and Drake’s brands.



2 thoughts on “The end of Hostess Twinkies

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