Love Shak, baby, Love Shak


shakira the voice season 4Diva-holics, relax! What Season 4 of NBC’s The Voice lacks in Christina Aguilera’s extroverted decolletage, flying-saucer hats and impromptu “this is how it’s done” vocal displays, has already been made up for with Shakira’s harmonica riffs, inspirational quips (“faith is the engine!”) and killer Blake Shelton impression.

Yep, we’re only one episode in, and the uni-monikered Colombian superstar is already proving so charmingly adept at her new gig that Xtina and Cee Lo’s absences barely registered. I mean, it’d be nice if one of the coaches went out and got an animal sidekick a la Purrfect the Cat — one* wonders if Animal Practice‘s Crystal the Monkey is still under contract with the network — but within a half hour of the Season 4 premiere, Shakira and fellow neophyte Usher (a fine sub himself) had already exhibited enough seamless/jaunty chemistry with returning panelists Adam Levine and Blake that no…

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